You no longer need to spend several hours in the kitchen before inviting guests to a party. By starting cooperation with the POLCAR restaurant, you can focus on yourself and your guests, rather than on cooking.
Poles are a very welcoming nation, for whom food is a very important part of every event, as well as the subject of strict reviews of guests. Nevertheless, you do not need to be concerned about that. Our chefs specializing in Polish cuisine will surely positively surprise you and your guests. We would like to offer our clients comprehensive catering services. We provide great meals for all kinds of family events – baptisms, communions, weddings, birthdays, hen parties, barbecues, and picnics.

Catering for baptisms

Said event is the very important in the life of every family and may bring more guests than usual to the table. That is why it is worth relieving the family and ordering our professionals to take care of the meals. We will be more than happy to prepare snacks, main courses, and desserts for a baptism-related party.

Catering for birthdays and name days

Cooperation with us can help you easily organize a name day or birthday party that you will thoroughly enjoy. Regardless of whether it is an 18th or a 40th birthday, you can be sure of one thing – the food served during the event will surely be tasty!

Catering for a house party

Are you getting ready to throw a small party? Would you like to spend some time with your close ones on a Friday or even – without any occasion whatsoever? In the discussed scenario, we will be more than happy to provide you with everything you need to take a proper care of your guests. We can ensure you everything, from food snacks, salads, jellies, and hot dishes, up to our POLCAR burgers.

Catering for a holy communion

Each holy communion party must include the right type of food. We would like to offer our customers the delivery of tasty dishes, as well as waiter service and all the key accessories – tents, tableware, tables, etc.

Catering for a wedding

All newlyweds have to deal with lots of responsibilities and stress when organizing a wedding. Our clients do not have to worry about food and professional wedding catering services. The best catering for a wedding party will be taken care of by our representatives, we can ensure you of that.

Catering for…

There are virtually no events we would be unable to manage. We will surely make every family event delicious and memorable. Are you willing to organize a birthday, bachelor, or hen party? Would you like to organize a one-of-a-kind wedding anniversary or a meeting with friends? We will help you with that and will never leave you alone!